Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chocolate Dreams

What a day! It is really hot here in Central Texas!

My poor daughter and her family are here at my house beca
use their AC broke last night! With the weather being over 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks, having the AC break is not fun! They stayed at their house last night and were absolutely miserable! They came over when the sun came up, because the house was getting even hotter! And they brought the little guinea pig too! LOL! Did I tell you that not only did the AC break, but so did the refrigerator? Now what kind of luck is that?

The newspaper also stated that today, we ar
e having a heat advisory! My daughter and family (3 kids), are renting a house, and of course the Realtor Company are closed for the weekend. They can't call until tomorrow, Monday, to even see if someone is going to come out to fix everything.

Hopefully, everything will be fixed tomorrow. It is really crowded in this house with 5 extra bodies!

Now, onto the quilt I am working on.....Chocolate Dreams. I have posted pictures of the material I used, and block that I made. Now I am going to show you how they are coming together!

I have one more column of blocks to sew together (and I am blogging instead! LOL!) and then I can sew all the columns together and have a quilt top! Woo Hoo!

Okay! Here are the pictur

Since I don't have have a design wall, I have to hang my blocks/columns over my big window!

Back to sewing!

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  1. Very nice Patty! I am looking forward to seeing the top! It looks like an easy pattern... might just make it to my "To Do" list... ;) - Jean

  2. Thanks Jean! It is a very easy pattern! And it goes together fast! Thank you for leaving a comment, I love comments!