Sunday, November 1, 2009

Remember that Quilt I was working On?

I finally finished the quilt I was working on and have made posts about the progress on my blog! I used the quilt pattern from Moda called Swanky, that you can find here on the United Notions web site, it is six rows down. I backed the quilt with Minkee, which was no small feat quilting this queen size quilt! I had to rip out the quilting stitches more than a few times!

My granddaughter picked out all the fabric, and I have to say, she did such a great job at color combination! I am teaching her how to sew, and I think that at 10 years old, she is off to a great start!

Okay, here are the pictures of my granddaughter receiving the quilt and a couple of pictures of my daughter, granddaughter, and one of my grandsons.

I sure hope you enjoy!

Nani reading her label:
Just look at her face!

Standing in front of her quilt and that is Koda, my dog...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Needle Little Inspiration Open House Giveaways!!!!!

Have you visited Needle Little Inspiration blog lately? No? You haven't? You are missing out on the opportunity to win some great fabric giveaways! And not just one giveaway……there are 5 different open house giveaways to enter and the chance to win!

I have already put my entries in… head on over there and get busy! You never know, you just might win one or two…..or all of these open house giveaways!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway

Isn't the Fat Quarter Shop just great? It sure is! This time they have a wonderful giveaway of 8 - - yes, 8 Somerset Cottage Charm Packs by Robyn Pandolph!!!!

I REALLY want to win these charm packs! Oh the beautiful quilt I could make with this fabric! I already have a pattern brewing in my head and I am going to keep this quilt!

Go on over and make a comment on the blog, and follow the other instructions for more entries to win these beautiful charm packs!

Here is the link to go directly there!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway!

Use this link - - to enter the giveaway for a set of fat quarters of your choice!

Be sure to see the pictures of the children! So adorable!

Love this site!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Fantastic Giveaway!

At Quilt n Quilt Things, she reached her one year anniversary blogging, AND her 100th post! So, to celebrate with everyone, she is having a fantastic giveaway!

Hint Hint: She is giving away a quilt along with other goodies!

You have got to go and check this out! You will be pleased! I promise!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i have to say


From "i have to say" blog. Beautiful stash fabric! Want to win? Click the title link and it will take you right there! Hurry! Only open till Sunday!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Got to Enter this Giveaway at Apron Girls!

You have just got to go to Apron Girls blog and enter this giveaway! It is wonderful! Fantasic!

"Giveaway at Apron Girls sponsored by great cookware and beautiful desks!"

You will just love it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fat Quater Giveaway!

Want to win some nice fat quarters and an apron pattern? Then the title of this blog and enter! The apron is to die for! and the fabric is from Phat Fabric! This is the last day to enter, so hurry!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009



This is the last day to enter Quilter's Dream Giveaway! Want to win fabric? How about a Singer Featherweight sewing machine? Really! Not kidding!

Just click on the title above and it will take you right there!

Good luck to all of you!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chocolate Dreams

What a day! It is really hot here in Central Texas!

My poor daughter and her family are here at my house beca
use their AC broke last night! With the weather being over 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks, having the AC break is not fun! They stayed at their house last night and were absolutely miserable! They came over when the sun came up, because the house was getting even hotter! And they brought the little guinea pig too! LOL! Did I tell you that not only did the AC break, but so did the refrigerator? Now what kind of luck is that?

The newspaper also stated that today, we ar
e having a heat advisory! My daughter and family (3 kids), are renting a house, and of course the Realtor Company are closed for the weekend. They can't call until tomorrow, Monday, to even see if someone is going to come out to fix everything.

Hopefully, everything will be fixed tomorrow. It is really crowded in this house with 5 extra bodies!

Now, onto the quilt I am working on.....Chocolate Dreams. I have posted pictures of the material I used, and block that I made. Now I am going to show you how they are coming together!

I have one more column of blocks to sew together (and I am blogging instead! LOL!) and then I can sew all the columns together and have a quilt top! Woo Hoo!

Okay! Here are the pictur

Since I don't have have a design wall, I have to hang my blocks/columns over my big window!

Back to sewing!

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New Giveaway!

You have got to see this Trapunto! This lady is amazing in the work that she does, and she has tutorials to teach you how she does it!

She is having a give away drawing at her site, so go there and enter as soon as you can! You are gonna love it if you win!

Go here!

If the above link doesn't work, click on New Giveaway! at the beginning of this post.

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please forgive me for the way the pictures show up in the post below, I am trying hard to have the pictures post in the right place! So aggravating!

Oh well, more posts to come! LOL!

Nani's Quilt

You might be wondering what this is going to grow up to be. Well, the fabric above is the start of my granddaughters birthday quilt! I am using the pattern from Moda's Swanky.
I am calling it Chocolate Dreams.
The blocks on the top right is the beginning of the quilt.

The picture on the right is the fabric that she and I picked for her quilt. Lots of pink and chocolate colors, with a few other colors mixed in.

Poor girl! She has been waiting for Mema to get busy with this quilt for a long time! I finally had to put off some other projects that I wanted to do and commit myself to her quilt only!

So, what do you think?
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peachesand Dreams

Do you like free patterns?

How about patterns that use up your stash?

Go to Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara
. Just click the title above!

She just posted Peaches and Dreams, and it looks easy and nice!

You can use different colors if you like!

Giving this another try


I have spent about an hour here trying to arrange this blog, and I think it is okay for now.

I sure would invite any help out there! let me know what I can do to improve my blog!

This picture is of a quilt I made for a little girl, a neighbor of my daughter's. She was turning 2 years old, and both parents had just lost their jobs, and did not have any money to spare for a birthday gift. My daughter asked me to make a quilt for her so that she would have something to open on her birthday. So, I got busy, and whipped this up the week before her big day. I really think it turned out cute! Sure hope she likes her blankie!

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Hello everyone!

This is my first attempt at blogging, and here's hoping I can do this right!

I started this blog hoping to bring to you some info from other blog sites and into my quilting life. I am going to try to post some of my quilts I have done in the past. This is a test to see if I can get it right!